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Bhutan is a small Buddhist kingdom surrounded on three sides by India and one side by Tibet. It is a land of roaring rivers and foothills higher than the Rocky Mountains, occasionally punctuated by Himalayan peaks that are like bugle blasts. Valleys unfold in waves from West to East, and one corkscrews up and down winding one-lane roads to travel from valley to valley. Here are some photos taken in March 2007 in the Paro, Thimpu, Phobjika, and Punakha valleys. The photos include visits to the famous Taktsang Monestary, poised on the edge of a 3000-foot cliff, and two Tsechu festivals, in Talo and Paro. Throughout our stay, which included a trek to remote villages, the people of Bhutan were wonderful to photograph - confident and friendly. It is a really magical place and I hope these photos give you a glimpse of it. All photos taken with a Leica M8.